For over seventy years, cindus corporation has been a leading manufacturer of creped papers going under the trade name of elastikraft.

Elastikraft comes in a wide range of stretches, basis weights and crepe characteristics. Cindus also has the ability to convert crepe into a variety of finished items, such as slit rolls, sheets, sewn liners, laminations, etc. We can also apply a number of treatments including waxing, wet strength, flame resistance, polyblends, and extrusion coatings.

Elastikraft is a single stretch product with extensibility in the long direction of the paper web.

Product development/ custom toll converting

Spiral Wrap

Aluminum extrusions along with such items as wire rolls, lighting and flag poles, picture framing, rubber hose, and brass rods are wrapped in elastikraft either by hand or with automatic equipment.


Steel Fiber Drum Liners Covers

Creped liners protect contents against condensation and contamination. Facilitates the use of reconditioned drums. Conforms to rolling hoops of steel drums thus preventing rupturing. Creped sleeves protect newly printed damage during shipping. Creped covers insure good top seal closure.