Dessacant Bags

Cindus can coat with emulsified mixtures and other liquids in creping and secondary coating operations such as LDPE, Release, or VCI 72″ wide.

Our secondary coating operation is accomplished on a 66″ wide 3 station gravure printer/coater enabling precise coating weights up to 12lbs per ream single pass with tail printing capability 42″ wide one color single pass.

Our specialty is Heat seal Coating for Form, Fill, and Seal bag making applications such as Desiccant Bags or other breathable bags needing X-crepe, Nonwoven, or flat paper substrates. Our coater and creping operations are available for toll coating customer provided substrates. Also available are Hot roll PE coating 44″ wide, LDPE extrusion coating on X-crepe 66″ wide, Elastikraft 72″ wide, or flat papers 100″-110 wide”.

All coatings are water based.