Cindus Corporation, a paper converting company since 1923, is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our primary business is creping paper. We have organized our sales and marketing functions and our manufacturing operations into 3 separate divisions to better service and satisfy our customers’ needs.
The Technical Division has developed and offers a wide variety of highly specialized creped and calendered insulation products for the electrical industry. These products are used as high voltage conductor insulation in power and distribution transformers. Our products are also used as coil separation sheets, insulation in starter motors, on field coils, and to wrap static rings

The Industrial Division produces both single directional and all directional crepe (X-Crepe) for a variety of use in industry. These products utilize the qualities of creped paper: e.g. elasticity, surface characteristics, cushioning, enhanced tear resistance, formability, and suppleness.

Our capabilities to rewind and slit, sheet, sew, laminate and fold enable us to produce creped materials used in desiccant bags, extrusion wrap, pressure sensitive stencil backing, barrel sleeves and liners, shower slippers, bale wrap and interleaving sheets – just to name a few.

Our Customer Service department will work with you to identify the particular CINDUS product that fits your application or develop a new product to meet your needs.

The PTP (Performance Transformer Products) division of Cindus located in Cincinnati,Ohio provides insulated lead cable and cable wrapping Services.

  • Crepe-Kraft Paper Tubing (KCPT)
  • Kraft Paper Tubing (KPT)
  • Poli-Duct
  • Poli-Cable
  • Poli-Flex Angle, 2-6 layer