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Electrical Insulation Crepe Paper

Performance Transformer Products, LLC (PTP) is a Cindus owned company in Ellisville Mississippi that extends our commitment to the Transformer market beyond creped insulation products.

PTP offers Creped paper wrapped cable products #12 thru 1000mcm in convolute cut to size or spiral wrapped with ThermofleX and continuously spooled, POLICABLE. Convolute or Spiral wrapped POLICABLE cable can be made available in Kits with Terminal Lugs per specific design for primary and secondary lead wire.

POLICABLE is also used extensively as bushing leads. Terminal Lugs can be purchased separately #12 thru 1000mcm. Crepe paper tubing is also available in 3/16"-4" ID and 1/32" wall to 1/4" wall x 6ft lengths.

Specialized products are also available in fabricated core ducting for power transformers made from polyester sticks and sheeting, and special order machined connectors. PTP also distributes master roll, slit rolls, and sheets of Cindus Insulstretch and ThermofleX insulation product lines.

Please contact us at 1-601-477-1201 for more specific information and inquiries.

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Crepe-Kraft Paper Tubing (KCPT)
Multilayers of electrical grade crepe and kraft paper for insulating leads in oil filled transformers.
Kraft Paper Tubing (KPT)
Multilayers of electrical grade kraft paper for insulating leads in oil filled transformers.
Other Products
Copper cable is wrapped with electrical grade crepe paper converts to a specified length and wall build.
Poli-Cable LV New Design
Poli-Cable LV New Design
Old LV Design
Old LV Design
High strength glass fiber and resin spacers are glued unto a sheet of polyester film for a made to order duct spacer in the steel core of an oil filled power transformer.
Poli-Flex Angle, 2-6 layers
Duplex or Triplex crepe paper creased and formed onto a 90-degree angle. 2-ply to 6-ply.
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